Architectural Projects

ABB Automation GmbH

The ABB Automation GmbH offers solutions for process automation in all industrial sectors. For the company's production and training site near Frankfurt iO planned and supervised the complete refurbishing of the entrance & reception area, the event & presentation hall, the "RAP" and "Paint"- testing halls and recently the Robotic Training Center.      



Infraserv GmbH & Co Höchst KG 

A pedestrian tunnel - built in the 1950s - connects a train station with one of the entrances of a large chemical production site in Frankfurt. iO was the responsible planner for refurbishing the tunnel. iO (+ architect M. Puerthner) developed an innovative color and lighting concept and added massive concrete letters as a sculptural statement:

The Light at the End of the Tunnel   

Most recently the last section of the tunnel had been refurbished according to iO's concept.