Actual & Completed Art Projects

B3 Biennale of the Moving Image 


Complete restoration of video/light/sound sculptures created by Brian Eno in the late 1980's.

About 30 objects - made from paper, foam-board, perspex and plywood - had been stored untouched in a barn for more than 30 years. 

Thanks to its owner (Rolf Engel) these delicate & fragile sculptures still exisist, at all.

Some of these video objects became a major part of the retrospective exhibition: BRIAN ENO life in light .... in the Museum for Applied Art (MAK) in Frankfurt, Germany in fall/winter 2015.                           Foto: Ralf Werner 



Complete restoration of the sound sculpture KALEIDOPHONIC DOG, built 1967 by the American artist Stephan von Huene.

Today, the pneumatically activated sculpture is owned by the LA County Museum of Art, CA  USA.

The object was electronically and mechanically defect since 2002,  most brass elements sported surface corrosion, the leather on the dog's body was partly torn and brittle, and the fabrics of the bellows were all ripped and bitty. 

iO did the full restoration, including the mechanical & electronical repair within 6 months in its specialized art- workshop on the premises in Frankfurt, Germany.



QUIET IS THE NEW LOUD is a temporary sound project for the TRIENNALE 2015 in Brugge, Belgium

Conceptualized by the artists Sam Auinger & Bruce Odland (O+A), visitors of the art event are invited to take a "sounding-balloon" with them for a tour through the medieval city. A "unit" consists of a large silvery balloon with a thin foil-loudspeaker attached, a shoulder bag containing a sound amplifier, a GPS-navigation system (cell-phone) and rechargable batteries.

iO designed the bags (gray felt), designed and produced the balloon & speaker units and was in charge of the set-up of the hardware.

Electronics by Roland Babl , Linz (Austria),

Software by Imanol Gomez, Berlin. 



Umweltamt Stadt Frankfurt /M., Germany 


SONIC VISTA is a permanent, real time sound installation located above the pedestrian walkway of a railroad-bridge in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Conceptualized by the artists Sam Auinger & Bruce Odland (O+A) SONIC VISTA became in Oct. 2012 part of the "Grüngürtel" (Green Belt) of the city of Frankfurt, Germany.

iO was responsible for the technical concept, the planning, and the installation of all components on site.

LOU REED: Photo-Exhibition on Tour 

In fall 2012, Werner Lorke presented the photographic work of Lou Reed in a series of exhibitions and book presentations in Europe. After the opening in Frankfurt, Lou Reed travelled with his show (comprising 24 large format fine art prints) to Stuttgart, Basel, Paris, and finally Madrid. iO organized the tour, and the events in Germany and Switzerland.

Sadly, it turned out that this was the last public appearance of Lou Reed in Europe. He passed away October 27, 2013.




The singer, composer, and artist Laurie Anderson created an unique outdoor sound-sculpture for the Novartis Campus in Basel (Switzerland). It is audible in the centre park ("The Green") during daytime and vary according to the seasons. iO made the technical concept & planning. We developed and manufactured custom-made sound and vibrational transducers and did the installation on site.